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St. Eithne's Primary School, Derry

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an ideal environment for our children’s learning by:

Ethos, Welfare Opportunities

  • creating a safe, caring, sympathetic and understanding atmosphere and stimulating learning environment;
  • encouraging them to value the school community in an atmosphere of openness, honesty and trust;
  • bringing each child closer to God in a supportive Catholic community
  • promoting confidence and self esteem through a rich programme of extra-curricular activities and educational visits;

Leadership Management Efficiency

  • creating an open supportive, collaborative school environment in which all members of the community can contribute and progress.
  • using rich, varied and up-to-date strategies designed to ensure that all children experience challenge and success
  • providing appropriate resources that are managed effectively to facilitate learning;
  • establishing close partnerships between school, home and the community for the development of our children

Teaching Curriculum

  • offering a broad balanced challenging curriculum to enable children to realise their maximum potential;
  • providing wide ranging opportunities for children to investigate, research and make their own connections as self-learners.
  • working to provide the greatest possible academic, social, spiritual and physical benefits for our children;

Information Communication Technological Capabilities 

  • providing wide ranging opportunities for pupils to use up-to-date tools and ICT resources preparing them to become effective adults in a modern technological world;
  • ensuring that our children attain essential ICT skills and capabilities through the provision of effective teaching and learning opportunities from appropriately trained teachers and teaching assistants;
Communication Friendly